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September 2003



Drug Czar Attacks the Dutch

Training soldiers in the war against Americans

Urgent Alert

From Drug Policy Alliance: Please read this post and be prepared to call your Congressman tomorrow (Tuesday).

In a last minute effort to keep money and power flowing through the Drug Czar’s office, House leadership are playing political games to push a bill that would re-authorize funding for failed ‘drug war’ programs. Just scheduled […]

*A cowboy hero rides into…

A cowboy hero rides into the sunset Howard Woolridge and his one-eyed horse Misty are nearing the end of a 3,100 mile journey across the United States to promote drug policy reform. The trek started in Savannah, Georgia and will end on the coast in Newport, Oregon. This former police officer rides with a homemade […]

*Another Victim of the Drug…

Another Victim of the Drug War — Severe Pain Care

“Something is terribly wrong with the way some criminal justice authorities have begun to enforce the law against physicians and pharmacists who prescribe and dispense high dose opioids to treat chronic pain. The necessary balance in pain policy… has tipped drastically in the direction […]

*My 2nd Illinois Senate Candidate…

*Is It Live, Or Is…

Is It Live, Or Is It Happy Furry Puppy Story Time? Welcome, and thanks for the link to “Drug War Rant: Give me a hit off that gravity bong or give me death!”

*Guest rant*

Guest rant Look, it’s this simple. Drugs are evil. And yet there are people in this country calling for legalization of marijuana. Why send a message to children that intoxication is a birthright? Do you think it’s right for children to be hooked on heroin? It’s just anti-American. You’re hurting your country. It’s simple logic. […]

*What is Canada sending US?*

*When scientists go bad*