Training soldiers in the war against Americans

A picture named ram.jpgOfficers Practice For War On Drugs – this bizarre article in the Nevada Appeal…

Officers took their places hidden in shrubs, behind trees and in unmarked cars surrounding the dark home.
Within a few minutes, officers broke down the door and had three suspects suspected of drug trafficking in custody.æ One officer was shot and a suspect may have been killed.
But if the raiders were going to make a mistake, Thursday was the day to do it.
“Something always goes wrong, but let it go wrong here,” said Paul Pabon, academy commander of the training division at the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

All around the country, drug task forces are using military tactics against our own citizens, often to prevent someone from flushing some pot. And just like in this training exercise, people get killed (only for real).
Now if they’d only run training sessions for the innocent people killed when a raid like this happens at the wrong address.

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