*What is Canada sending US?*

What is Canada sending US?
A picture named garbage.gifThat’s right. A garbage truck, delivering garbage from Canada to the United States was discovered to be smuggling marijuana.
The driver, who was arrested, clearly has something to learn about hiding marijuana in a garbage truck.

“Upon opening the rear of the garbage truck, a plastic garbage bag filled with marijuana fell out,” Ms.æ Miles said, adding that an ensuing search revealed multiple plastic and hockey bags full of marijuana.

I have three responses to this story…

  1. Why is the United States taking in other countries’ garbage? Don’t we have enough?
  2. We want your solid waste, but don’t you dare send any of those green plants that can provide excellent medicine or nutrition and make people happy. We don’t want any of that trash crap leafy plant material.
  3. Maybe it was, in fact, all trash. What they found in the truck might have been Health Canada’s pot.
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