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October 2003



Drugstore Cowboys

La Anti Droga

Wednesday release from the Drug Czar’s office: White House Drug Czar, Surgeon General, and Partner Organizations to Address Drug Use Among Hispanic Youth

“Marijuana use is a serious problem for all young people, but we are particularly concerned about the high usage rates among Hispanic eighth graders, who are using this harmful drug at […]

Winning the War on Drugs

I realized today that I missed something from the government’s most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Of course, they distributed the results they wanted known widely through press releases — lots of statistics about various changes in drug use patterns, and […]

Help reduce the number of those !#^$%#* TV Commercials!

In my in-box today from the Drug Policy Alliance:

If you could slash the amount of your tax money being spent on absurd TV ads comparing marijuana smokers to terrorists, would you act right now?

Is the pope catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Drug Czar an unethical taxpayer-funded lobbyist?


You look nervous…


Via TalkLeft and NORML:

Pot Smokers Arrested In America At A Rate Of One Every 45 Seconds Washington, DC: Police arrested an estimated 697,082 persons for marijuana violations in 2002, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual Uniform Crime Report, released yesterday afternoon. The total is among the highest ever recorded by the […]

What are they smoking?

Via Vice Squad, this article by Deroy Murdock at NRO

All seriousness aside, as funnyman Steve Allen often said, federal drug warriors keep embarrassing themselves by enforcing pointless, oppressive policies that merely ignite tax dollars as if with a Zippo lighter. Like every White House since Nixon’s, the Bush administration continues the collective, bipartisan […]

Drug WarRant Merchandise now available!

I decided to open up a store at CafeShops with Drug WarRant T-shirts, mugs, underwear, and more. Here’s a few of the designs available on Drug WarRant products:

A tribute to the pharmaceutical industry.

My own response to the Drug Czar’s annoying commercials!

OK, I really don’t know who will want to walk around […]

Odds and Ends

U.S.A. Track and Field runs the wrong direction…

In USATF announces “Zero Tolerance” anti-doping plan, the organization is looking to step up efforts to stop athlete cheating and the use of performance enhancing drugs. But… … they’ve proposed a summit of major U.S. sports leagues be hosted by the Drug Czar’s office! Big mistake. Get John Walters involved and you can bet […]