*Guest rant*

Guest rant
Look, it’s this simple. Drugs are evil. And yet there are people in this country calling for legalization of marijuana. Why send a message to children that intoxication is a birthright? Do you think it’s right for children to be hooked on heroin?
It’s just anti-American. You’re hurting your country. It’s simple logic.
Drug are a crime against humanity. And they support terrorism. Some of these individuals are of Russian and Georgian descent and have Middle Eastern ties.
Why are so many Americans blind to the truth? Possibly because they’re too high to see it. If nobody sold drugs, there would be no drug problem. And that’s no spin. Now some people point to the fact that the Netherlands has a lower rate of marijuana use than the United States. Well, that’s because Holland has a smaller population! We need to send the Marines to the Mexican border and stop this once and for all. If you do the crime, you’d better be prepared to do the time.
And to the guy who writes this Drug WarRant blog… you’re a pinhead. Shut up!

[Note: this blog is participating in “Talk like Bill O’Reilly Day.”]
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