*When scientists go bad*

When scientists go bad
The Billings Gazette gave a free pass to the DEA’s Big Sky Illicit Drug Conference, by giving lots of article space to failed researcher and professional DEA shill Susan Dalterio. Her claim to fame is over 10 years of research on stoned mice with highly disputed results so that even NIDA cut off her funding back in 1982.
She now teaches biology and goes around the country spouting such scientific pronouncements as:

People who smoke pot tend to have the same emotional maturity level as when they first smoked a joint, she said.æ Dalterio cited Austin, Texas, as a living example.æ It’s a place full of old hippies “stuck in the ’60s,” she said.æ “They’re interesting, but they’re still stuck.”

The article has so many factual errors or outright lies that it’s not worth giving a full point-by-point response. Most of them are already addressed elsewhere in this blog.
Articles like this just make me tired.

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