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I’ve got no idea

Sometimes, while looking through newsreader headlines for articles that might be of interest, you find some rather unusual things, like this one: Drug Charge: Woman In Nude Ear Squat Case Goes Free I read the article. I still have no … Continue reading

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Apparently the Presidency is powerless to counter the message dominance of legalization advocates

Poor federal government with its limited resources to communicate policy. They’re absolutely powerless when confronted by the daunting media machine of marijuana legalizers. That appears to be the point of Keith Humphreys’ bizarre government-as-victim post about the DOJ’s medical marijuana … Continue reading

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A campaign ad

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBOXUjHhrVM&feature=player_profilepage … Also, see Gary Johnson’s OpEd in The Washington Times: JOHNSON: Hitting the cartels where it hurts Imagine you are a drug lord in Mexico, making unfathomable profits sending your illegal product to the United States. What is the … Continue reading

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