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Good stuff at the Los Angeles Times

Here’s another one to properly ridicule the Joseph Califano/CASA “study” on Facebook and teen drinking. Flash! Facebook causes teen drinking! (Until you read the fine print) For too long, people like Califano have gotten away with lying — inferring that … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

I think it’s pretty exciting that we’re witnessing a renaissance of female heroes. Why are the police attacking them? Law Enforcement Prepares to Fight Heroine Resurgence To Channel 5’s headline writer: Spell-check doesn’t know the difference between a legendary female … Continue reading

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Canada could learn from the U.S.

… on how not to handle drug policy. A good article: Ottawa’s drug problem: The penalty doesn’t fit the crime by Edward Greenspan and Anthony Doob. …the answer to offending “does not lie in simply building more prisons and getting … Continue reading

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