I’ve got no idea

Sometimes, while looking through newsreader headlines for articles that might be of interest, you find some rather unusual things, like this one:

Drug Charge: Woman In Nude Ear Squat Case Goes Free

I read the article. I still have no idea.

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  1. darkcycle says:

    …but…how much time did she get for the ear squatting?
    Last time I was arrested for that, the charge was reduced to misdemeanor aural stooping.

  2. Haha.. it does sound funny. At first I thought it was a translation error. But if you earch for “ear squats” in YouTube you’ll see what they are.

  3. The name of the drug in the article – “syabu” is something I hadn’t heard before either. Here it is, if you’re curious: http://themalaysianlife.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-hell-is-syabu.html

  4. DdC says:

    So what the hell is this syabu thing ?

    While many of us know that shabu-shabu is Japanese steamboat, not many know about the drug called shabu or syabu.

    We read a lot in the newspapers about police making syabu raids, drug addicts getting jailed and rotan for syabu possession. We also read about Iranian syndicates smuggling syabu into the country.

    Syabu (also called “ice”, “speed”, “crystal”, “glass”, “meth” or “blue diamond” on the streets) is the colloquial name for the psycho-stimulant drug called Amphetamine…

  5. DdC says:

    Malaysian lock-up detainee abuse scandal
    The scandal began with complaints from two Chinese female citizens about being stripped, having their breasts groped, and being forced to do squats (this has been described as ‘ear squats’ in most reports, meaning they were touching their ears as they did squats).

    Drug Charge: Woman In Nude Ear Squat Case Goes Free

    This translation is from the Malaysian Puppet Government spokesman and it means nude women have to pay for speed while propagandists spewing ear squat get crank free, without charge, Like Lush Rimjob’s anti-oxy rant-aid. The narkosluts supplied his mentor Joe Blow McCarthy with sister morphine. Lush is tooo impotent to the GOPervert Neoconfederacy to have to go back onto the streets or coerce his undocumented maid. They dole out Go Go’s to the Flyboys carpet bombing kids playing in the rubble. Malaysian Malaise Thaistickland and the other Micro-Asians kissing Unkle Tom’s butt for favored nation status. Top of the list is showing your allegiance to caging druggies. These Neoconartist’s confidence games are festering wounds rotting away the moral fabric of America. Dung Worriers getting propaganda tax entitlements, to pay off dictators and self appointed royalty punks with power. To kill and cage opposition methodically and cheap. With free “Military Instruction” from the School of Assassins. If first world citizens are subject to prison slave labor for growing pot. it’s not a far stretch to think of disposable workers in third world, over populated starving tribal nations and countries. Anyone living in squalor under oppression would jump at a US Inc. job. Undercutting American workers, more profit on top and nothing paying back. Deadbeat Trillionaires buying low level brain activity flag drapers. Prison, Poison and Police Industries enforcing legislation eliminating competition. As the schools administer ignorance and education depravation censoring and improvising curriculum.

    U.S. Praises Thai Drug War
    Drug War Creates Mass Death of the Akha

    Pro Life? Not even anti abortionists

  6. Ben says:

    Apparently, “ear squatting” is a form of humiliation. Being forced to strip naked and ear-squat by the police would probably be quite upsetting for a human who values his/her dignity.

  7. Matthew Meyer says:

    An ear squat is supposed to remove drugs from yer nether cavities: grab your ears, squat, stand.

    Here’s more detail on the Malaysian story:

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