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Finally, an anti-drug slogan I can get behind!

Red Ribbon Week 2011 Launches New Contest: “It’s Up To Me To Be Drug Free” Exactly. It’s up to me. Not up to the government, or the schools, or my employer, or some busybody who decided that a plant is … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

“Points: The Blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society” discusses Eric Sterling’s blog and gives a shout-out to Drug WarRant. Over at “At Painful Truth: The Entrapment of America’s Sick read Branded and see how our drug war attacks … Continue reading

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Former Drug Czar Opposes Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

WCTV Despite a new survey that shows seven out of ten Floridians support drug testing welfare recipients,but former White House Drug Policy Coordinator Barry McCaffrey says the testing is counterproductive.[…] Asked about Florida’s new policy of testing welfare recipients…some of … Continue reading

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Strong words

From Ethan Baron in the Winnipeg Free Press, this is certainly a … graphic way of getting the point across. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is getting tougher on pot growers than he is on rapists of children. Under the Tories’ … Continue reading

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New York – too little, too late

As a follow-up to the story of the New York Police Commissioner asking cops to obey the law, the New York Times has a powerful editorial: Trouble With Marijuana Arrests Commissioner Raymond Kelly of the New York Police Department came … Continue reading

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Open Thread

I saw a production of The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman last night. It’s an important piece of theatre, but it has always been a supremely unenjoyable experience for me seeing it performed. I just end up getting pissed off … Continue reading

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The Ignored War

Of course, to us, the war on drugs is far from an ignored war — we’re dealing with it every day. And yet, José Fernandez López in the Huffington Post points out that it is ignored in some of the … Continue reading

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a… victory

For those who haven’t heard, there was some pretty huge news on Friday in New York: Police Commissioner Calls on NYPD to Stop Improper Marijuana Arrests Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has issued an internal order to the New York City … Continue reading

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Terror and Drugs! Good and Evil! Eternal War! Yes, it’s Paul Chabot. Back in April, I mentioned the upcoming release of this former drug czar advisor’s book “Eternal Battle Against Evil” Now it’s out. And just in case you’re not … Continue reading

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Magic Brownies Absolutely brilliant. Lampoons so many cultural phenomena with a bizarrely off-beat humor. I think I’ve just become a Fiber One fan. Check out the entire over-the-top page of this viral marketing campaign: Cheech and Chong’s Magic Brownie Adventure

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