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Children of the Drug War

There’s an important new book out by Damon Barrett called “Children of the Drug War,” available at Amazon, but also available to read for free online (it’s that important). This collection of original essays looks at the impact of the … Continue reading

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Majority of Americans Ready to Legalize Marijuana

Here are the key statistics from the latest Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll. 55% support the legalization of marijuana, with greatest support from: Democrats: 63% Independents: 61% Men: 57% Aged 35-54: 57% 67% think the “War on Drugs” has been … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Drug Czar ‘Too Busy” to Meet With Fellow Cops – by Norm Stamper Norm sends a letter to Gil Kerlikowske: Subject: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide We didn’t just drop by on June 14, Gil. We had sent … Continue reading

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