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August 2011



Thank You, Peoria Journal Star

Just down the road from me, there’s been a contentious situation as teachers have been on strike. One of the strike issues has been over mandatory random suspicionless drug-testing for teachers.

The main newspaper in the area has come forward with a powerful editorial: At Illini Bluffs, A Principle Worthy Of The Picket Line

The […]

Overdose Awareness

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. It’s not something that the government appears to be talking about much today. No, this is something that is being discussed around the world in health and drug policy reform circles (and in the music industry).

Accidental overdoses have quadrupled since 1990, and more than 26,000 Americans die every […]

Time picks up on Calderon’s ‘Market Alternatives’

The phrase that I caught here on Saturday in Calderon’s speech, is finally getting noticed in the mainstream media.

Tim Padgett at Time Magazine: Mexico’s Narco-Epiphany: Is Calderón Suggesting the U.S. Legalize Drugs?

Good stuff at the Los Angeles Times

Here’s another one to properly ridicule the Joseph Califano/CASA “study” on Facebook and teen drinking.

Flash! Facebook causes teen drinking! (Until you read the fine print)

For too long, people like Califano have gotten away with lying — inferring that correlation is the same as causation is a form of lying. It’s nice to […]

Odds and Ends

I think it’s pretty exciting that we’re witnessing a renaissance of female heroes. Why are the police attacking them?

Law Enforcement Prepares to Fight Heroine Resurgence

To Channel 5’s headline writer: Spell-check doesn’t know the difference between a legendary female character and a drug made from poppies. That means you need to.

US-Trained […]

Canada could learn from the U.S.

… on how not to handle drug policy.

A good article: Ottawa’s drug problem: The penalty doesn’t fit the crime by Edward Greenspan and Anthony Doob.

…the answer to offending “does not lie in simply building more prisons and getting more police. If that were true, then the United States would be the safest place […]

Supreme Court: banning the personal use of drugs nullifies fundamental rights

That’s the Supreme Court of Colombia. Who knew that we’d have to look to other Supreme Courts for an understanding of fundamental rights.

Colombia Supreme Court decriminalizes drugs for personal use

Colombia’s Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that carrying small doses of drugs is not a punishable offense, torpedoing years of effort by the administration of […]

Market alternatives (updated)

I was reading another article about Mexican President Calderón, and it looked like it was going to be more of the same…

Calderón Blames US Consumer for Drug Wars in Latin America (Honduras Weekly)

My first thought was that this was getting a little old. Blaming US consumers for the violence in Mexico is like […]

And the war in Mexico keeps expanding

Following close on recent news that the U.S. is deploying CIA operatives and mercenaries contractors in Mexico to fight the drug war, and the State Department’s announcement that Plan Mexico will continue indefinitely, we now hear that the war has expanded to bringing Mexican commandos into the U.S. to stage attacks.

Yes, you heard that […]

Open Thread

Well, it looks like the memory problems are solved for now by upping server capacity. A huge thanks to those who have helped out through the donation button on the left. I’m still looking at future options.

DEA rejects UMass Professor Lyle Craker’s bid to grow marijuana for federally-regulated medical research

No surprise here, […]