Sights and Sounds

bullet image Via David Borden, an animated Taiwanese news report on Prop 19 with English subtitles, illustrating some of the arguments on both sides.

As Borden notes, if you’re not a west-coaster, you may need to be reminded that the bear is a symbol of California.

bullet image A good Sunday read: How to profit by expanding freedom by Steve Chapman in the Chicago Tribune.

Substance abuse is known to impair clear thinking and good judgment. But it’s the people pushing harsh drug laws who seem to be lost in a fog.

bullet image A frustrating article from the People’s Daily Online. Int’l community urged to join hands in addressing drugs problem

Consider the source, of course, but still — it’s a bit depressing reading this article and seeing the representatives of country after country, under the guidance of the UNODC, essentially come out and say: “The drug war is a destructive failure, so we all need to band together and have more drug war!”

bullet image Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations has guest speaker Ira Glasser: The War on the War on Drugs. We don’t as often get to hear extended talks on this subject, so this is a nice opportunity.

You can listen to the entire one hour presentation. (I haven’t heard it all yet)

Ira is former Executive Director of the ACLU, and is now Board President of the Drug Policy Alliance.

He nicely starts out the talk by going over the lessons of alcohol prohibition.

[Thanks, Tom, for most of these…]

bullet image ICSDP Report on US Government Data on Cannabis Prohibition, set to music.

bullet image Oh, this looks like fun. Students to Rally with Yes We Cannabis Fire Truck to Sound Alarm For Prop 19

This is an Open Thread

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13 Responses to Sights and Sounds

  1. claygooding says:

    It is depressing until you figure out that most of the countries that are signing up for more war on drugs are the countries receiving millions from ONDCP’s international funds.
    It is the countries Presidents that get the first dip out of the funds. Another case where they pay for agreement.just as with the funding for cops on drug busts.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s hilarious how they always use animated videos for stuff like this. I remember the Tiger Woods animation. The “5×5 feet” plot is the size of a barn, and they’re dealing in leaves? Barcodes on loose joints? The whole video is hilarious.

  3. Duncan20903 says:

    Oh that video is just fucking hilarious. I loved the way the represented the danger of driving while high on cannabis. Hey, don’t honk, I’m pedaling as fast as I can. Oh my, I think I’ll be cracking up for days.

    I would have missed the significance of the bear had it not been mentioned. My birth certificate was issued by the State of California so it isn’t just people on the right side of the country who would have missed that.

  4. WillPenn says:

    More drug war! More drug war! Wait, what do we want more of the drug war for? Oh yeah, it’s what we’ve been doing for 100 years. So, we do it out of habit. By the way, how’s that working out for America? Not so good? We could try regulation via legalization. The prohibition industry makes more money off maintaining prohibition than the drug cartels do. All at the taxpayers expense. But, hey, they’ve scammed us out of $1 trillion & all our civil rights to keep the drug wars going. So, that must be making us all safer, right? I know the drug wars have made me feel warm, all under. It won’t matter soon, though. We’re almost bankrupt both financially & morally over this nonsense & the rest of the world will be picking over our bones. Because, the prohibitionists won’t stop until we’re completely destroyed by the greatest scam in the history of mankind.

  5. Just me. says:

    Money money money…..thats all people can think about. How bout thinking of the human race for once you greedy bastards. Oh thats right, you could care less as long as you pockets are full. So what good will your full pockets do you if humanity takes a nose dive due to your greed? People in power are the problem..not people in general.

  6. Pete says:

    Yeah, Duncan. I find that video even funnier each time I watch it. Did you notice that Denny’s would get a windfall from stoned people ordering huge meals, and that the kids had chocolate ice cream with a marijuana leaf on top?

  7. Paul says:

    If 19 passes, I’ll make a point of getting stoned this summer and visiting Mission Burrito in Los Angeles. When avocados are in season they have the best guacamole in town, and nothing beats greasy chips and guacamole when you are seriously stoned.

  8. claygooding says:

    Agreed on the guacamole and chips but always had to have pico de gallo(sp) as the clear out flavor between each dip of guacamole.
    There is something about jalapenos and onions that cleans your mouth of any coating from the greasy chips.

  9. Tim says:

    There are a lot more videos from them. The ones about Jersey Shore and Christine O’Donnell are pretty funny. Here’s another good one: The Facebook Movie in One Minute

  10. paul says:


    I’ll keep that in mind. You also want to hit Las Fuentes while in the San Fernando Valley for good Mexican.

  11. Duncan20903 says:

    Hey Pete, I noticed you don’t list Jonathon Magbie on your victims of the drug war page. I believe his getting killed is definitely worthy of inclusion.

  12. ezrydn says:

    Clay – Paul,

    That’s ALL I’ve got around me…Good Mexican!! LMAO And, yes, I’ve finally learned to “eat on the streets.” A 6 foot spiral churro, cooked fresh in front of you…$2.00. Can’t beat it with a stick.

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