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We’ve been talking a lot about Proposition 19 here recently. That certainly doesn’t mean that it’s all we care about. It’s just particularly timely, and has real significance.

I don’t know if Prop 19 will pass or not. I feel quite optimistic about it (although that feeling certainly has failed me before). And I’m going to do what I can to try to help it along in these final days. In 23 days, we’ll know.

And just in case you weren’t sure how this would affect Drug WarRant…

  • If Proposition 19 passes…
    … the drug war will still be going on, and we’ll have work to do here.
  • If Proposition 19 doesn’t pass…
    … the drug war will still be going on, and we’ll have work to do here.
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23 Responses to Post Prop

  1. Ripmeupacuppa says:

    Pete, there’s one ‘t’ too many.

  2. sixtyfps says:

    If Prop. 19 does pass, there’ll still be plenty of marijuana advocacy and BS-deflation to do anyway, never mind the DW-at-large.

  3. Personally, I view Prop 19 as “D Day” in the War Against Marijuana. We are finally able to mount an offensive to go after the entrenched forces that knew this day was coming and who have been building their defenses for years just to fend off such an attack on our marijuana laws.

    I think we can all see that we will eventually win the war, but now we can actually see tangible proof that we do have sufficient troops to storm the shores. We must keep pusing forward and not allow ourselves to be pushed back into the sea.

    We are on the beach now. Passing Prop 19 will get us up off the that beach and get us moving inland. Once we’ve established a solid beach head there will be no stopping us. We’ll be able to go after the enemy one state at time and start pushing them back into their tiny little homeland of stubborn refusal to accept the reality that marijuana has become a part of the American mainstream.

    Let’s just hope that casualties can be kept to a minimum.

  4. Just me. says:

    Absolutely we will have more work to do, in either case.

    This war on the war on drugs has different meaning to many. For me its not so much about the consuming legally aspect( for I can do that any time now). Its about freedom for me, its about attacking racism,hypocrasy, corruption. Its about restoring America…erasing the scum that dictate to us how we will live. Its about sending a message ” Im mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore.”

  5. darkcycle says:

    I have a two year old adopted son, who also happens to be African-American. I’m doing it for him. So he doesn’t have to hate and fear those he should be able to rely on.
    I’m doing it for him so he isn’t warehoused in some for profit prison hell-on-earth for non-violent behavior that would only land some white kid in treatment.
    I’m doing it for him so that if god forbid, he develops an addiction, he can deal with that addiction without being exorcised from society and saddled with a permanant criminal record which wil shadow him for the rest of his life, wether or not he kicks.
    I’m doing it for him so that early experimentation with drugs (if he winds up going that route) will not permanantly color his self image. So he doesn’t come to see himself as an outcast or a ‘bad man’ and begin to conduct himself that way in other areas of his life. I don’t want my son in a gang, and the illegal cachet and the profit of drugs drives that lifestyle.
    In short, I don’t want my son to become a drug war casualty. Ever.

  6. claygooding says:

    I have pointed out and it is part of my signature at a couple of other sites that PROP 19 will begin the end,not
    be the end of the war on marijuana.
    Although I could care less if they ever legalize and regulate all drugs,I can see that prohibition of them is causing more harm then the drugs themselves would.
    PROP 19 begins to take the government’s foot off our necks
    and when there is no CSA for the ONDCP and the DEA too control our lives with,the foot will be gone.

  7. Tony Aroma says:

    In case Prop 19 doesn’t pass, I’ve come up with a new plan:

    I think it’s a plan that will make everybody happy!

  8. Ben says:

    Lordy, Prop 19 is so far from the end of the war on drugs, I don’t even know where to begin. If prop 19 passes, it will merely be the beginning of the end of society’s demonization of psychotropic substances. It will take decades for society to begin to look upon prohibition of hard drugs as foolhardy. Blogs that point out the harms of prohibition will be necessary for a very, very long time to come.

  9. claygooding says:

    @ Ben
    After str8 America finds out actual safety and therapeutic attributes of marijuana plus how much the drug warriors have lied and the totals of tax dollars spent just to keep marijuana prohibited,their organizations will not have the credibility and clout to bring to any budget hearing.
    I give it 5 years,after America wakes up and it could happen even quicker if the economy does not improve.

  10. B-roll says:

    @ claygooding

    You know who else said give it five years, Dale Denton from pineapple express I’m sure even in the next 3 years I’ll lose all hope in American society if any state hasn’t legalized a simple plant

  11. claygooding says:

    @ Tony,thanks but no thanks,I get mad every time someone
    anyone even jokingly mentions a “drug free” society,a completely impossible endeavor,just as impossible as any moralistic law is in forcing all people to think one way,about anything.

  12. DdC says:

    california channel prop 19
    Joint Informational Hearing on Proposition 19: the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010

  13. Duncan20903 says:

    If they tweak the war on drugs just a little they could probably make the program work fairly well and everyone benefits. Just change the letters D and R to a B. That’s pretty simple and I think everyone will welcome the war on bugs fought with the goal of bringing us a bug free society. I’ve never met a person who thought getting rid of bugs is a bad idea.

  14. Duncan20903 says:

    Well this is splendid news:

    LONG BEACH — If California voters approve Proposition 19 on Nov. 2 to legalize recreational marijuana, Long Beach officials want to be ready to capitalize on it.

    Long Beach’s Measure B would create a new category of “marijuana business” and would tax the drug.

    The measure would impose a tax of $150 per $1,000 of gross receipts for marijuana sales, and a tax of $25 per square foot on all improvements to a site used by a marijuana business to cultivate or grow marijuana.

    Marijuana businesses that qualify as nonprofits under state law would pay $10 per square foot of improvements instead of paying a tax based on gross receipts.

  15. Tony Aroma says:

    When and if the drug war ends, the government will certainly have a lot of explaining to do. And I’m not just talking about why so many people’s lives were unnecessarily ruined by arrests and criminal records. I’m talking about how they’ve known since 1974 that compounds found in cannabis kill cancer cells. I think a lot of people are going to be pissed about the 40 years of research that has not been allowed. Who knows, we might have had a cure by now. Or at least known it was a dead end. But, if a cannabis-based cure for cancer is found, folks are going to realize that many have died for no good reason. Maybe a lesson will be learned, that stifling scientific research is never a good idea. Probably not.

  16. Duncan20903 says:

    On a more serious note I have been overcome with a feeling of doom with regard to Prop 19’s chance of winning. I think that the poll numbers reversing to solidly preferring Prop 19 to lose is because the California lawmakers took it down to an infraction with a mail in fine of $100. There were lots of people that were going to vote yes to Prop 19 just because they thought that people shouln’t get a criminal record for possession.

    Yes What I wrote above is utter speculation with the only the flimsiest of factual basis.

    Tony you know in a lot of ways I almost wish that they’ll prove that it doesn’t kill cancer or even help with anything related to cancer. We’re talking about a totally heinous war crimes and mass murder if it’s true.

    Cannabis didn’t help my friend’s leukemia back in 2000, 2001 as he lived 3 weeks short of the expected average for his brand of leukemia. It was the only time in Skippy’s life when he was anywhere close to average. But it was a superb palliative for his chemo therapy. A couple of caveats: It was cartel brickweed and we had no clue about anything to do with medical grade cannabis, strain selection, etc. That’s just because I thought medical cannabis was a joke until I got to watch my dear friend go bald, and then shrivel up and die.

    You know, I’m going to say fuckit about it needing to be a cure before their actions rise to the level of being a war crime. The denial of palliation to people who are as sick as my friend was fits the criteria. Totally cruel. Totally stupid. Priorities which have them more worried that someone might get high on Medical cannabis and tell the cancer patient he should be happy with marinol while they gag and puke their guts out. For some unknown reason the know nothings seem to think it’s hard to get cannabis, that there are several millions or even 10s of millions of people who are sober as the proverbial judge who given the chance will ‘ruin’ their lives, ‘menace’ their loved ones and then go out driving stoned and killing at least a dozen elderly ladies and maiming even more elderly ladies who had no one helping them cross the street safely because everybody decided to smoke ‘dope’. Well thank god it was a school holiday!

    In their fantasy the perps get away scot free, because the perps have an SB-420 ID card which allows everyone to get stoned everywhere and even at the Merrywanna Anonymous meetings and sitting out side the drug rehab ward of the local laughing academy.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the endocannabinoid system is essential to keeping human beings happy and healthy, and that the next major advance of medicine are going to be in learning to understand and manipulate the endocannabinoid system using whole cannabis plant compounds. I think it’s extremely doubtful that 10 years from now that we’ll see any remnants of the current medical cannabis distribution chain. Maybe in Colorado and/or California because their medical cannabis laws are sacrosanct and not allowed to be amended by the legislature. Oh, definitely in those 2 states places if the current status quo war on (some) drugs persists unexpectedly.

  17. ezrydn says:

    As Concerned in California said, Prop 19 is truly “D Day.” The battleship “State of CA” began firing a barage on the shore of Utopia. This was followed by a torpedo spread from the VA. Now, the ships are in the channel and we’re filling the skies with airborne troops. Once all this comes to fruition, does it mean the war’s over and won? No more now than then. It’s our “beachhead.” We will have to carry the battle over boundary lines, move fronts, meet oppositions, near and far. Yet the plan of battle has been set. First, we must reach the beach, the hardest part, for the Utopians will have their bunkers all along the shoreline, zeroed in on our approach.

    Be ready. Our “Operation Overlord” reaches the beaches in 20 more days. And in reality, it’s THEN that the true battle begins.

    I wonder if they’re even aware that our own “Mousad” will seek them out after it’s over. I’d love to be here when it happens but I probably won’t be. I heard a kid bad mouthing a vet headed for Afghanistan at Fresno and I walked up and said “He’s confined by the ROE. I’m not!” Kid got my drift and left. Vet was with the 2nd of the 5th Cav. He laughed and said “Only a Garry Owen would show up.” I bought him a Starbucks and wished him well.

  18. Duncan20903 says:

    The most horrid thing that I foresee happening if Prop 19 fails is that we’ll never hear the end of it from Calvina and Skip. I may even be driven by circumstances to take refuge in a bell tower somewhere if this keeps up.

    If we win would anyone like to chip in and send them flowers? We really should throw a nice New Orleans style funeral party at the very least.

    “He was born poor, died rich, and never hurt anyone along the way.” Let’s not forget how much he enjoyed his cannabis.

    I’d really prefer for us to be gracious to Calvina & Skip if we win. But I just can’t help myself. Hit the road jack.

  19. BruceM says:

    It won’t pass, but even if it did, it just covers one drug and just applies at the state level. Pot would still be illegal at the overriding federal level. I don’t see what the excitement is all about.

  20. Pete says:

    They won’t score a touchdown, but even if they do, it’s only 6 points and this is only the first quarter. I don’t see what the excitement is all about.

  21. BruceM says:

    More like: it’s only an exhibition game that doesn’t mean anything… they can win by 60 points and it won’t actually count.

  22. BonnieCollen says:

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