League of United Latin American Citizens endorses Prop 19

Via Stop the Drug War. League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) of California supports Prop 19. Another good endorsement to go along with the California NAACP, the National Black Police Association, and the Latino Voters League.

“The current prohibition laws are not working for Latinos, nor for society as a whole,” said Argentina Dávila-Luévano, California LULAC State Director. “Far too many of our brothers and sisters are getting caught in the cross-fire of gang wars here in California and the cartel wars south of our border. It’s time to end prohibition, put violent, organized criminals out of business and bring marijuana under the control of the law.”

For an ugly and ignorant reaction to this news, read Dennis Romero.

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  1. Just me. says:

    Dennis Romero :Call us stupid (and we know you will), but when medical marijuana dispensaries started to blossom like a bud in the Humboldt sun, violence related to pot increased — and it seems to us the cartels are plenty busy sending serious weight across the border.

    This guys is very short sighted. Of course , violence might got up in short term…thats because its still illegal. Once ALL of America can grow their own, the cartels will be out of the cannabis buisness. Once everyone can have their own grow plot..there wont be any reason to rob others of their cannabis. Why is this so hard to understand for some. Dennis acts as if latinos shouldnt try to stop whats going on in America and Mexico…this is about greed, racism and control by an out of control government….It has to end.

    Ok ,enough of my ranting. With all these groups joining the fight…it wont be long and we can all(the rest of the states) can remove these shackles of bondage.
    This is our revolution! Let it begin!

  2. claygooding says:

    More nails in the coffin of prohibition. Does anyone have any of the political cartoons from alcohol prohibition?
    They would be great to add to posts.

  3. malcolmkyle says:

    Prohibition cartoons: http://tinyurl.com/388j9w2

  4. Sardonnas says:

    IMHO shows the situation the best

  5. STJEPAN says:



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  6. Duncan20903 says:

    STJEPAN, thanks for stopping by. I always find the illogical thoughts of know nothing prohibitionist to be fascinating. That screed you wrote in the post above is downright worthy of inclusion in a mad bomber’s manifesto. Psychotic people write the best fiction IMO.

    You can only hope be in half the physical shape of Tommy Chong when you’re 72, or 1/100 as wealthy as Willie Nelson when you are 75. I am presuming that Mr. Darwin won’t get to your house and do his job before that happens. He’s been very, very ineffective in the last couple of decades.

  7. Tim says:

    Is this machine-translated Swedish? It sounds like it came from them.

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