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Drug-sniffing dogs show students they’re ‘ruff’ and ready

The drill was part of the school system’s proactive approach to keeping the school drug-free, police and school officials said. […] There was no specific incident that prompted the new policy, school officials said […] The district has a zero-tolerance drug policy. […] Nothing was found, Lt. Paul Satkowski said.

Good training for students. Help them get used to the idea of suspicion-less government searches at any time. This way they’ll grow up to be good little subjects, ready to defer to authority as a way of life.

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10 Responses to the Land of the Free

  1. Just me. says:

    They must find those dangerous lil highschool pot smokers. They must ruin his/her life. They must show they mean buisness….over and over again. Hello this hasnt worked.

    Ya your right pete, they will be good lil subject.

    So gil, you ended the drug war huh? Tell that to these STUDENTS!

  2. kaptinemo says:

    Well, Pete, that is the idea. Always has been. The methodologies have only grown more direct and obvious over time.

    But for every turn of the tyrant’s hand on the boiler relief valve to shut it off, the danger of explosion becomes even greater. A whole generation of kids have grown up chafing at the implication that they are, a priori, in danger of committing Precrime and must be treated like animals in a pen. That anger will find its’ way into politics, where votes based upon that anger will take the shape of budget cuts to government programs that serve the DrugWar,,,and in this economy, that’s the kiss off death.

    The prohibs thought that kids were programmable robots that they could ‘mold’ into the kind of blank-faced creatures you see marching lockstep into a meat grinder in the old Pink Floyd movie The Wall.

    Obviously, the kids are anything but. They know what’s been done to them. And, they’re waiting for the chance to pay their ‘betters’ back…

  3. claygooding says:

    If that dog had been at the airport and trained for it,he could have caught that guy before his underwear caught on fire.

  4. Cannabis says:

    If you want to read some more about what those inside the “drug prevention” circles are saying about drug dogs be sure to check out the ONDCP Community Prevention Listserv, click the Search tab and search for the word dog.

  5. denmark says:

    O.K., and this blew my mind for a moment. Click on the link Pete provided, scroll down the page to the bottom.
    You will see 2010 Hearst Communications Inc.
    Hearst Newspapers

  6. Pete says:

    Yep, William Randolph Hearst is still alive and well and controlling large parts of the media through the empire he passed on to his heirs. They own 15 daily and 38 weekly newspapers, plus nearly 200 magazines and 29 television stations.

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  8. strayan says:

    God that ONDCP listserv is scary.

    One guy asks whether dogs can be trained to ignore prescription drugs. I wonder if he’s thinking about cannabis, Desoxyn and Xyrem. Somehow I doubt it.

  9. Leopold says:

    At my high school they would bring the drug sniffing dogs in twice a year. Our school didn’t have hall lockers so the dogs would be brought into the classrooms and they would go up and down the isles.

    One time a dog must have signaled to me and the cop told me to go outside. Once outside the Vice Principal told me to empty my pockets and give him my wallet. He went through every inch of my wallet but didn’t find anything.

    At the time I didn’t think to question it since I didn’t do anything illegal.

  10. kaptinemo says:

    What Leopold has posted is exactly what I meant about how these practices are creating the impetus for their own destruction. And why reliance on a dog, which will do whatever it can to please its’ handler, is faulty reasoning.

    I’ve worked with SAR dogs, and they watch you constantly for cues. And those cues are not so much auditory, but kinetic…as in body language. Drug search dogs aren’t any different. The dogs want to please you so much, they’ll sometimes do things to elicit a reaction on your part to be rewarded. And so, you cannot tell me a dog won’t falsely alert because the handler’s body language fairly SHOUTS that s/he expects to find drugs.

    How many such false alerts are a product of the dog’s desire for reward, and how many are from the handler trying to falsify the justification for a search by such an alert, is unknown. But it needs to be found out, as far too many courts just blithely accept a PD’s ‘word’ that their dogs are as good as the day they are certified…which makes no sense, as any animal suffers the degradation of sensory function as part of the ravages of age, and a drug dog especially so. Such an animal needs to be tested constantly as to whether it is actually able to perform as required, as far too much is left to trust to the nose of a pack animal intent on pleasing its’ ‘alpha’ handler…

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