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A ‘balanced’ response

So with the huge AP story about us having wasted a trillion dollars on a failed drug war hitting almost every media outlet this week, I was wondering when the Drug Czar would start “pushing back.” (Oh, wait, that was … Continue reading

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It’s always the Sadomoralists – Mark Souder to Resign

Family values conservative and sadomoralist Mark Souder (R-Ind) to Resign Amid Allegations of Affair With Staffer Eight-term Rep. Mark Souder was announcing his resignation Tuesday after admitting to an affair with a female aide who worked in his district office. … Continue reading

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What do we do with these dregs?

Radley’s new crime column is another must-read. He nails New York’s finest for their arrest quotas that end up with massive infringements on civil liberties, tons of marijuana busts, and actually downplaying of real crime. An editorial that just doesn’t … Continue reading

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New Drug Policy Alliance Video

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