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Patrick Corcoran, writing in Mexidata: The DEA and its Fallacious Reasoning on Drugs in Mexico As you pick apart comments like [U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s intelligence boss Anthony] Placido’s, the futility of the DEA’s objectives comes into ever-starker relief. An … Continue reading

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The economics of drug supply

Supply-side drug warriors have generally taken the position that the idea behind eradication and interdiction is that you drive up the price of the illegal drugs (and in fact, people like John Walters used to get extremely excited over isolated … Continue reading

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Political candidate finds it politically necessary to be drug policy reformer

Here’s a nice little turn. A primary race for Attorney General where it becomes important to show your drug policy reform bona fides. The presumed Democratic frontrunner for attorney general is facing questions from critics who accuse her of flip-flopping … Continue reading

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