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June 2010




Rolling Stone reporter compares chance of victory in Afghanistan to losing U.S. drug war

HASTINGS: No. No, it’s a joke…Trying to stop corruption in Afghanistan is like trying to stop the drug war here. I think we should really choose our battles wisely and not waste our resources.

An interview with Tom Feiling […]

The vast ability of our drug war to corrupt and destroy


It’s hard to even pay attention any more… the continuing reports from Mexico of destruction start to numb a person.

Mexican Singer Vega Shot Dead in Car

Hours later, on the way to his concert, [Sergio] Vega was gunned down by the Sinaloa cartel. Gang members opened fire on Vega’s red Cadillac, which […]

The Living Canvas - Demons

This post is a plug for my latest artistic enterprise and a bit off-topic for drug policy.

As some of you know, one of my long-time artistic pursuits has been the photography and performance art of The Living Canvas — a unique art approach that is demonstrates the incredible expressive power of the human body […]

African-American Leadership Finally Steps Up

One of the true tragedies in the drug war has been the failure of leaders in the black community to speak out against the new Jim Crow laws — the drug war that has decimated the black communities through intended and unintended racist application and the systematic disenfranchisement of blacks due to over-incarceration.

In fact, […]

Why we're dangerous

The one thing that scares drug war governments more than anything else is… the truth. They know that they can’t sustain the people’s support for their policies without lies and propaganda.

We’re the truth tellers.

More valuable than any strategy or campaign, celebrity or coalition, we have the ability to counter that propaganda just by […]

Best new video explaining the war on drugs

This video was put out by The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. Be sure to sign the Vienna Declaration.

Promoting anti-democratic ideals around the globe

Tel Aviv forbids marijuana legalization rally

On Sunday the demonstration’s organizer, Liora Gelber received a notice from Tel Aviv Municipality official Ruby Zelof reading, “I hereby inform you that your request to hold a rally for the legalization of cannabis has been rejected.”

“The police did not give us any trouble, but the municipality said […]

How many will the Chinese execute today?

Happy International Anti-Drug Abuse day.

U.N. Says War Between Mexican Drug Cartels Benefits U.S.Another variation on the increased-violence-shows-we’re-winning theme.

A war between Mexican drug cartels is benefitting the United States by making black market drugs less accessible as gang members turn their efforts against each other, according to a new United Nations report.

“This […]

Maybe they're not shooting enough of their citizens

We always have idiots in this country who like to claim that if we only got tougher(!) on drugs, we’d end the drug problem.

Of course, all you need to do is point to countries like China who regularly execute drug traffickers, and yet still never seem to run out of traffickers to execute.


We own the internet

There’s a lot we don’t control, but the internet is ours.

The “Tax Cannabis in 2010” Facebook page as of Thursday afternoon had 101,386 fans (i.e., people who “like” the page).

The “Public Safety First — Against the Legalization of Marijuana in CA” Facebook page had six fans.