A bag of tea

A picture named teabag.jpgIt’s April 15, and apparently some people are buying bags of a different kind of tea (Pekoe, not sensi) and waving them around, or mailing them, or something, in some kind of FOXnews-run protest against taxes that don’t exist yet… and gay abortion, I think — it’s been getting kind of confusing (it seemed to start as one thing and get co-opted so many times that I’m not sure anyone knows what it means.)
Also apparently, there’s some teabagging going on, though people seem to be still learning the term.
In the meantime, there are a group of citizens that are begging the U.S. government to let them pay taxes, and, in a time of economic disaster, the government laughs at them.
So today, all they’ll get from that group is a mock check.
A picture named NORML_novelty_check.jpg

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