It’s really hard to be truthful.

The ASA Lawsuit against HHS over the Data Quality Act (see Saturday’s post) was argued today in Circuit Court. ASA is, of course, asking that HHS simply not give false information about medical marijuana on their website and materials.
The government’s defense?

Justice Department lawyer Alisa Klein told the appeals court panel that the government shouldn’t be forced to defend the accuracy of “countless pieces of information” in its massive archives. U.S. Circuit Court Judge Marsha S. Berzon, an appointee of President Clinton, said the law at issue in the case was “amazing” because it did appear to require the government to correct all inaccurate statements, a result she called “troubling.”

Boy, it sure is asking a lot to want the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States Government to give out information that’s, you know, accurate.
It’s sort of like wanting NASA to use accurate numbers for computing trajectories, or asking the Treasury Department to use accurate information for assessing the health of the economy. Should we just say, “Oh, that’s too hard.”

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