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March 2009



About that cocaine video

I’m starting to wonder if it’s intentional

Coming out of the closet

Andrew Sullivan gets readers talking about the marijuana closet — the awkward place so many users reside that prevents them from talking openly. This convinces more to come out of the closet. Jason Kuznicki Positive Liberty comments on this development and hopes for more. I agree.

No more free rides?

Could it be that the mindless anything-goes-as-long-as-you’re-tough-on-drugs philosophy is showing cracks? “bullet” Editorial: Incarceration Lobby Deserves Tough Questions

Here’s a question to those who gathered in Sparta last week to criticize Gov. Jim Doyle’s public safety budget: Why does the United States, with just 5 percent of the world’s population, house 25 percent of the […]

Obama’s joke – the gift that keeps on giving

How many joints in a year?

Drugs and Guns

I get quoted

The student newspaper at Illinois State University did an article about legalization, and may do a series. Marijuana legalization to help economy Some of the quotes were accurate. The regulars could probably tell what I did say and what I didn’t. There’s some things I just wouldn’t say, but the overall sense was OK. Here’s […]

Marijuana is illegal because, uh, uh…

White House Spokesperson responds to follow-up questions by the press… Robert Gibbs spent several minutes further ridiculing the marijuana questions, sometimes with the press laughing as well, while trying to indicate that Obama was just trying to give a nod to the fact that the question had been voted very high, even though it was […]

Glenn Greenwald is a must-read

Jim Webb’s courage v. the “pragmatism” excuse for politicians Seriously. Just go over there and read the whole thing. But here’s a couple of paragraphs for you anyway.

What’s most notable about Webb’s decision to champion this cause is how honest his advocacy is. He isn’t just attempting to chip away at the safe edges […]