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October 2008



On the job

A snog and a bang.

One in five Brits has had sex at work, according to a survey which brings a whole new meaning to the term “job satisfaction”.

Wow! And yet here in the states, our drug czar is all up in arms because 3.1 percent of employed drug users have admitted to being […]

It’s their business


A LaSalle County task force arrested 14 people Friday as part of a three-month investigation into the sale of drugs at Streator taverns.

The nerve of these people — selling drugs at taverns. Um… wait… isn’t that what taverns are supposed to sell? I think I could have figured that out in much less […]

Open Thread

“bullet” On this day in history…

The United Nations charter took effect, The 40-hour work week began, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” opened in theaters, Kevin Kline was born… and so was I.

“bullet” Take the Handcuffs off the Economic Recovery Eric Sterling has a great OpEd at the Huffington Post about saving the […]

Horribly Ironic Justaposition

via Transform

Lou Dobbs, an asshat in bizarro land

Over at Hit and Run, Radley discusses the The 190-Million Person Exception to the Fourth Amendment, based on an ACLU report that the U.S. is expanding invasive checkpoint searches around the country under the guise of homeland security. This is obviously a concern to people who believe in, oh, say, the Constitution, or, maybe, America. […]


“bullet” Polk County, Florida is flushed with excitement over drug testing

High school athletes have been tested for drug and alcohol abuse use for almost five years, and the program needs to be expanded to include more students, said Audrey Kelley-Fritz, the senior manager of Prevention, Health and Wellness Services for Polk County Public Schools. […]


The drug czar continues to act rather unhinged in his final months, grasping at the oddest straws to declare victory. The LA Times has a poorly-headlined story about one of the interesting side effects of the escalated drug war in Mexico. Not only is the drug war not stopping the drugs or deterring the trafficers. […]

Drug Czar celebrates productivity of drug users

Finally, now we’ll get that drug war in Mexico solved.

Condoleeza Rice is going to Puerto Vallarta.

The future of the troubled ONDCP