Lou Dobbs, an asshat in bizarro land

Over at Hit and Run, Radley discusses the The 190-Million Person Exception to the Fourth Amendment, based on an ACLU report that the U.S. is expanding invasive checkpoint searches around the country under the guise of homeland security.
This is obviously a concern to people who believe in, oh, say, the Constitution, or, maybe, America.
But not Lou Dobbs. No. In the bizarro world where he lives, somehow the idea of the ACLU complaining in order to protect the Constitutional rights of Americans, is, in his fevered mind, unconstitutional.

Under a graphic reading “ACLU amnesty agenda,” he sneered, “The American Civil Liberties Union claims the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to enforce immigration laws are ‘unconstitutional.’ In point of fact, it is the ACLU actively trying to block enforcement of this nation’s laws. Is that constitutional?” […]
“There is no legal recourse for an American citizen against the ACLU, is there?” Dobbs concluded, laughing. “Isn’t that unconstitutional?”

Dobbs also has a bizarro twist on the ACLU’s view of the drug war:

“And they want the drug war to continue to be decided in favor of the drug traffickers.”

Um, no. I’m pretty sure they’d like the drug war to be decided in favor of the people. It’s asshats like Dobbs who want to continue to make the black market profitable.

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