The drug czar continues to act rather unhinged in his final months, grasping at the oddest straws to declare victory.
The LA Times has a poorly-headlined story about one of the interesting side effects of the escalated drug war in Mexico. Not only is the drug war not stopping the drugs or deterring the trafficers. Not only is the drug war increasing the violence and death. But with the major military efforts, the traffickers are pulling back on spending in the communities (so they aren’t as visible).
They’re taking their cash underground or out of the country, instead of buying goods and services from the people of Mexico. The resulting lack of cash is causing loss of jobs and livelihoods among those who aren’t in the drug trade.
So now the drug czar is bizarrely bragging about this as “what can happen when aggressive pressure against drug cartels is applied.”
I’m sure all the innocent folks who are now doubly victims of violence and recession are rushing to send him thank-you notes.

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