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September 2008



Finally – a drug free workforce!


John Consoli wants to get rid of drugs in the workplace, one telephone handset at a time. Consoli, 67, is the president of On Site, a Spring Hill, Fla., company marketing DrugWipe, a handheld narcotic detector. Just swipe the DrugWipe against a keyboard or any other surface, Consoli said, and the toothbrush-sized detector can […]

SWAT – Hey, we’re kind of right most of the time.

Lima, Ohio:

More than a quarter of the 198 raids by the Lima Police Department SWAT team in the last seven years came up empty-handed without finding drugs, weapons, paraphernalia or money. And nearly a third of the time, police do not find drugs or a weapon. Drugs alone were found in nearly two-thirds of […]


Did they say anything about drug policy?

Open Thread

“bullet” An interesting candidate

I am Ben Mitchell, the Liberty Union candidate for lieutenant governor in the state of Vermont. If I am elected and the governor leaves the state for even 10 minutes, I will pardon all nonviolent drug offenders serving time in Vermont or Kentucky prisons. I think it is stupid to pay […]


Self Censorship

Another interesting post over at Transform Is self-censorship helping perpetuate the drug war?

Is it possible that there are groups that recognise the truth about prohibition, but self-censor on this issue when in the media eye?

The short answer: Yes. And it’s both groups and individuals. It’s the people who whisper to me […]

Oh, look! It’s another drug free world.

Odds and Ends

“bullet” It’s clear to me that, when only considering the Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates, Obama is better than McCain on drug policy and criminal justice issues. But that isn’t saying much. Read Jeralyn at TalkLeft: Police Unions to Endorse Obama/Biden. Also Heather Tirado Gilligan/Nikki Jones: Obama’s Approach To Fighting Crime Actually Based On Research. […]

Cato Unbound – Conclusion

The Washington Post editorial staff is dumb as a box of rocks

The Post came out with an editorial today on Salvia: Meet — or Don’t Meet — Salvia Remember, this is one of those solutions in search of a problem. Most people who use Salvia never want to again. It has no evidence of causing addiction, and there would be very little interest in it (except […]