Open Thread

“bullet” On this day in history…

  • The United Nations charter took effect,
  • The 40-hour work week began,
  • “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” opened in theaters,
  • Kevin Kline was born…
  • and so was I.

“bullet” Take the Handcuffs off the Economic Recovery Eric Sterling has a great OpEd at the Huffington Post about saving the economy through taxing marijuana and taking non-violent drug criminals out of jail and putting them back into the economy where they can be producing and buying cars and other products.
“bullet” Interesting article from Georgia about marijuana and legalization/decriminalization. Lots of people with differing opinions, some misguided. It really points out the need for more open, public dialog.
“bullet” Drug Czar busted again from Paul Armentano at NORML
“bullet” Editorial: What is San Diego smoking? “The County Should Drop Its Legal Attack On Medical-Marijuana ID Law”
“bullet” Racial disparities in Cleveland drug prosecutions from TalkLeft

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