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October 2008



A class action suit I’d like to see…

Interesting press release about the problems of field drug test kits that are so ubiquitous, yet keep giving false positives and really messing up people’s lives.

However, there is now conclusive evidence the field drug tests falsely indicate the presence of drugs when used on numerous natural products such as soap, soy milk, essential oils […]

Crude Propaganda

Dan Gardner slams the UNODC

This failure has many causes but a key one is the simple fact that the primary source of information about the drug trade is the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. For the UNODC, the criminal prohibition of drugs is not merely a tool of public policy. It is […]

Odds and Ends

“bullet” His Last War — by Jeff Prince. “David Noblett — and dozens of other patients — just wanted their doctor back.” A powerful must-read.
“bullet” Scott Morgan’s tearing it up. Read The Amazing Gigantic Missing Heroin Stash and The World‰s Smallest Bag of Marijuana.
“bullet” From the MPP blog: Global Cannabis Commission: ‹No Justification For Incarcerating an Individual For Cannabis PossessionŠ, I found a unicorn, and The Drug Czar‰s Legacy of Failure, by the Numbers
“bullet” Side note: Has it sunk in yet that in 104 days or less, John Walters will no longer be the drug czar?
“bullet” Speaking of the drug czar… His latest drug enemy? YouTube.
“bullet” DEA Lays An Egg In Washington State: 5-Day Copter Patrols Net 20 Pot Plants. Also from NORML Blog: NBA and NORML Joining Forces To Achieve Mutual Goals? Not As Far Fetched As It Sounds