On the job

A snog and a bang.

One in five Brits has had sex at work, according to a survey which brings a whole new meaning to the term “job satisfaction”.

Wow! And yet here in the states, our drug czar is all up in arms because 3.1 percent of employed drug users have admitted to being high at work. With Walters’ obsession with illicit drug use, he may be missing an epidemic of on the job bonking.
Sure, you don’t want your airline pilot to be stoned while he’s flying, but you also don’t want him going around the world with the flight attendant when he’s supposed to be going to Cleveland with the plane.
And in the office, being stoned is not a good way of being productive, but a shag on the desk can mess up your files for weeks.
So maybe instead of getting cups for employees to randomly urinate into, companies should look into purchasing these.
It makes as much sense.

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