Odds and Ends

“bullet” It’s clear to me that, when only considering the Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates, Obama is better than McCain on drug policy and criminal justice issues. But that isn’t saying much. Read Jeralyn at TalkLeft: Police Unions to Endorse Obama/Biden. Also Heather Tirado Gilligan/Nikki Jones: Obama’s Approach To Fighting Crime Actually Based On Research. In the meantime, Ron Paul ends up endorsing Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. It looks like there will be several options to vote for for third party (particularly if you live in a state that is clearly blue or red), all of which will have a better drug policy than the Republicrats, but who appear likely to receive a whopping 1.2% of the popular vote (combined) and 0 electoral votes.
“bullet” The War We Won’t Talk About by Salim Muwakkil
“bullet” Tech Should Take Wooldridge’s Message Under Consideration
“bullet” Are Drugs Gopod or Bad?

A drug isn’t necessarily good or bad; instead a drug is considered to be any substance that changes the way we think, act, or feel. This definition covers all drugs: over the counter, illegal, prescriptions, social acceptable, legal. The positive or negative effects of drugs depend on the way that they are used or misused.

“bullet” Joshua Callington’s No Better Time to Become an Activist got me thinking… Is that true? Is perhaps all that’s going on in the country finally waking the citizenry up from its ennui? Can we, as drug policy reformers, tap into that?

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