Open Thread

“bullet” An interesting candidate

I am Ben Mitchell, the Liberty Union candidate for lieutenant governor in the state of Vermont. If I am elected and the governor leaves the state for even 10 minutes, I will pardon all nonviolent drug offenders serving time in Vermont or Kentucky prisons. I think it is stupid to pay $45,000 a year to lock up drug users when we won’t spend more than $7,000 a year to educate our young people. Besides, I thought this was a free country.

“bullet” NDP Shocked Pot Activists Smoke the Stuff

Candidates occasionally step down abruptly after some embarrassment from their past comes to light. And it’s even more routine for the parties to request those resignations, which is likely what happened in these cases.
But these two gents are among the most ardent pro-pot advocates in B.C. and have been for years. Where exactly is the scandal in learning that leading dope activists actually smoke dope?

“bullet” This is from a while ago, but I don’t think I actually saw it before. A great excerpt from an interview with Representative Barney Frank on legalizing marijuana use.

“bullet” Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the ‘Homeland’? by Glenn Greenwald. (If you don’t see the relevance of this article to drug policy, take a look at Mexico.)
“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” Be sure to at least read the editorial in this week’s Drug War Chronicle:

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