Oh, look! It’s another drug free world.

Check out this post over at Transform.
Steve points out this bizarre Declaration of: World Forum Against Drugs (Stockholm Sweden, 2008) (pdf)
It’s a real mess, with statements like:

There can be no other goal than a drug-free world.
Such a goal is neither utopian nor impossible. […]
All people have the right to
expect their governments to protect them and
their families from drug abuse and to have a life
free of drug abuse. […]

What a strange use of the word “right.”

All forms of differentiation between so-called
‹softŠ and so-called ‹hardŠ drugs must cease. Extensive
research confirms that the use of cannabis
is detrimental to health, causes crime, and is addictive.
Cannabis, and certain other drugs regarded
in some countries as ‹softŠ, should be
viewed in the same way as other types of
illicit/psychotropic drugs when it comes to control
policy, rehabilitation and preventive measures. […]
The so-called ‹medicalŠ projects for distribution of
heroin to drug addicts as a means of ‹harm reductionŠ
are nothing but an attempt to legalize drugs
through the ‹back door.Š

Love all the scare quotes.

We denounce so-called ‹medical marijuanaŠ policies
where marijuana is used as a ‹medicineŠ, […]
We oppose all forms of legalization of illicit/
psychotropic drugs because such policies do not
withstand critical evaluation, tend to run contrary
to general experience and violate the Conventions.

Critical evaluation? You get the idea. As Steve says:

…it’s so exotic as to render itself almost completely irrelevant to real world debate. It’s actually self neutering. And if it really is going to be the banner for the remaining defenders of the drug war, then the drug peace is probably nearer than we might have hoped.

One of the ones who received the letter was Alex Wodak, board member of the International Harm Reduction Association. He wrote a very powerful letter in response, which is shared in its entirety in the Transform post. Well worth reading.

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