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August 2008




“bullet” Tonight someone searched Google for the words: Can they shoot you? … and it brought them to my site. Yes, they can. … “bullet” Lot of bodies piling up in Mexico. THEHIM’s thoughts are right on target:

Part of me really wants this issue to be discussed in the upcoming debates. The wiser part […]

Politics and power

Since you guys can’t get enough of talking about politics, let’s get another thread going here… “bullet” It appears that the St. Paul Minnesota cops are taking a break from their armed home invasion drug raids and instead doing armed home invasion preemptive protestor raids. That’s right — they’re using armed assaults on people who […]

Open Thread

“bullet” NORML’s Allen St. Pierre delivers a smack-down to the ONDCP in the latest episode of the battle on The Hill. Go join the fun. “bullet” “drcnet”

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Breaking: It appears to be McCain-Palin (although that’s not confirmed as of this writing). She admits to having tried marijuana, but says she didn’t like it. Update: Confirmed.

Drug war contradictions in Bolivia

Crystal Meth Intervention….

… the Musical!

See more Kristin Chenoweth videos at Funny or Die

From the folks at Funny or Die

The Democratic Convention is over

Mayor: I need an army to fight a drug war

This editorial seems to be identifying some slight issues with the mayor….

Mayor Frank Paterra — who, by all indications, would not care if Charleroi slid into the Monongahela River as long as it did not involve crack cocaine — concerns himself only with his personal war against illicit drug trafficking. […] But in virtually […]

a/k/a Tommy Chong

I just watched the documentary on Tommy Chong that was released on DVD yesterday. It’s a very delightful piece about an American icon. I learned a lot about Tommy and his life, and even learned more about Operation Pipe Dreams (although I had followed it very closely at the time). It was amazing how […]

Oh no you didn’t