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August 2007



Not one dollar more

Jeralyn at TalkLeft notes the Department of Justice is complaining that it is hurting for funds. Funny. Given the fact that they continually waste money prosecuting medical marijuana suspects in California and tons of small-time drug dealers — heck, they even prosecuted Ed Rosenthal a second time, knowing that the longest sentence they could get […]

Until that day that it is not

Ian Welsh over at The Agonist has an interesting post about Afghanistan and opium and notes the Senlis option

It’s simple. It’d work. But of course since drugs are EVIL, such a common sense solution will never be adopted. It’s interesting to ask why – are Americans, and indeed Europeans, really so inflexible, so indoctrinated with hatred of “drugs”, that they can’t do what it takes to win? […]
the Afghan opium problem is just another example of how we insist, in the face of failure, on doing the same thing that already failed, over and over again.

Chicago Dyke at Corrente follows up on it and gives this fascinating thought:

Legalization, in some form or another, is going to happen. Its simply a matter of time. No matter how entrenched the Drug War MIC establishment, eventually its going to be so ugly, corrupt and not effectual that taxpayers around the world will say, “enough.” […]
I just had a conversation with a friend, and I reminded him: its always a good time to advocate sensible drug policy/legalization. Always. That is, as far as that political battle goes, our side is always going to lose. Pushing for drug legalization is a guaranteed no-go, as far as causes are concerned. Until that day that it is not.

Some reading

“bullet” Give peace a chance. Forget the war on drugs by Anatole Kaletsky in the Times Online (UK)

a ceasefire in the war against drugs would at least give peace a chance not only in Afghanistan, but also in the streets of Britain.

“bullet” War on Drugs Long-Lost Cause by Michael Jones in the Albuquergue Journal (NM)

The tipping point will be reached when people are tired of the abuses of civil rights by the criminal justice system and by the continued endangerment of the nation’s youth by the maintenance of a black market system of drug distribution.

“bullet” The drugs strategies don’t work in The Statesman (Ghana)

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 must be one of the least effective pieces of legislation ever enacted. […]
Cannabis is an example of the nonsenses created by the 1971 act”s simplistic classification system. Stronger types of cannabis are now on sale, we are told, and research shows a link with schizophrenia.
This is like saying Chablis should be banned because cognac is much stronger and because some people become alcoholics, with dire effects on themselves, their families and society.

Denver City Council – better than the rest of us

It’s hard to imagine a more annoying group of nitwits than the Denver City Council.

“I had a brownie once, there may have even been a bowl going with it,” Councilwoman Marcia Johnson told the newspaper. “I got a good taste and even a case of the giggles, but I voted against (the marijuana measure) […]

Not another dollar

The DEA is attempting to intimidate New Mexico’s new medical marijuana program, by raiding the home of a paraplegic man certified by the state for medical marijuana. This is truly disgusting. Here’s the part that really got to me:

A press release jointly issued by the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force illustrates the political nature […]


High: The True Tale of Marijuana, a documentary that I reviewed here will finally be released for wider distribution in 2008. Film-maker (and Drug WarRant friend) John Holowach has made the first 13 minutes available to you here (and to anyone who wishes to share this YouTube video)


A letter

Dear President Bush, With Alberto Gonzales leaving in September, it looks like you’ll be needing to find a new Attorney General to serve out the rest of your term. I am willing to offer my services. I’m not a lawyer and don’t have any work experience specific to the job, but as I understand it, […]

Asking the right questions about drug policy

The recent excellent Washington Post article by Misha Glenny (The Lost War) and Robert S. Weiner’s “rebuttal” (The War Is Not Lost) has sparked some rather heated discussions about the statistics of drug use patterns, both in comments here and over at Drug Law Blog, where Robert Weiner himself responded to Alex’s fisking. Alex does […]

Highway Robbery

This has been making the rounds pretty well already, but I want to make sure everyone knows what kind of country this is becoming, thanks to the drug war. (via The Agitator) Yes, the police can stop you and take your money at gunpoint for no reason than the fact that you have money.

Anastasio […]

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