A letter

Dear President Bush,
With Alberto Gonzales leaving in September, it looks like you’ll be needing to find a new Attorney General to serve out the rest of your term. I am willing to offer my services.
I’m not a lawyer and don’t have any work experience specific to the job, but as I understand it, that kind of thing hasn’t really been all that important.
And I have one qualification that the previous two AG’s were lacking — I’ve read and mostly understand the Constitution of the United States. You may not think this is particularly useful, but it does relate to the oath taken, and might be worth checking out.
I also know that you value appointees who follow your wishes, so I am pleased to tell you that, if nominated, I pledge to use your words (taken from an interview in 1999) as a guide: “I believe each state can choose that decision as they so choose.”
Give me a call, and we’ll chat.
Pete Guither

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