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August 2007



Legalization proposal

I found a very interesting proposal regarding a comprehensive scheme for legalizing and regulating drugs. While I’m not sure I agree with every particular, it’s really not bad at all.
What do you think? Does North have what it takes to be Drug Czar?
Of course, it wouldn’t do any good. The problem, as I noted over at, is that the ONDCP’s authorization from Congress prevents, by law, having a drug czar that is reform-minded (unless they want to break the law and just try to destroy the agency).
For example, this part of the job requirement of the Drug Czar:

(12) shall ensure that no Federal funds appropriated to the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in schedule I of section 812 of this title and take such actions as necessary to oppose any attempt to legalize the use of a substance (in any form) thatÖ
(A) is listed in schedule I of section 812 of this title; and
(B) has not been approved for use for medical purposes by the Food and Drug Administration;

The ONDCP needs to be eliminated or changed. Otherwise merely appointing a new drug czar (even the blogger referenced above) won’t help.

Moralism and the United States Gulags

In The Nation, Daniel Lazare has an amazing piece about the drug war and incarceration in the United States: Stars and Bars

How can you tell when a democracy is dead? When concentration camps spring up and everyone shivers in fear? Or is it when concentration camps spring up and no one shivers in fear […]

Plan Mexico (and other drug war fun and follies)

“bullet” Heh. It looks like it won’t be too hard to get the “Plan Mexico” label out there. “bullet” Why is TIME such a clueless rag? Tim Padgett’s The War Next Door is really reaching for a way to avoid the real truth:

Why is Mexico’s drug war worsening? Democracy may be one culprit.

That’s […]