Denver City Council – better than the rest of us

It’s hard to imagine a more annoying group of nitwits than the Denver City Council.

“I had a brownie once, there may have even been a bowl going with it,” Councilwoman Marcia Johnson told the newspaper. “I got a good taste and even a case of the giggles, but I voted against (the marijuana measure) because I’m thinking of the message to little children.”

The message to the children. The message to the children is: “It was OK when us politicians did it and it was even fun, but if you do it, we’re going to put you in a position where you can get raped in prison and have your future cut short, ’cause we don’t care a damn thing about you.”

[Mayor] Hickenlooper had previously admitted smoking marijuana.
“As I’ve already been open about in the past — and as I assume many would expect — I made personal choices when I was younger that I neither support nor condone for others and certainly wouldn’t encourage through public policy,” Hickenlooper said.

“Yep. OK for me. Not for thee. And by ‘wouldn’t encourage through public policy,’ I really mean that I want us to have a priority of arresting people for marijuana use.”
(Background on the Denver issue is here)

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