Not another dollar

The DEA is attempting to intimidate New Mexico’s new medical marijuana program, by raiding the home of a paraplegic man certified by the state for medical marijuana.
This is truly disgusting.
Here’s the part that really got to me:

A press release jointly issued by the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force illustrates the political nature of the raid, reading in part, “Citizens of New Mexico need to be aware that they can still be prosecuted on the federal level even though New Mexico has a law permitting marijuana for medicinal use.”

Pecos Valley Drug Task Force. That means a partnership of local, state and federal law enforcement, if it’s like most drug task forces. That means that local and state law enforcement officers are not only breaking state law, but bragging about it and shoving it into people’s faces.
If I lived in that part of New Mexico, I’d be doing everything I could to make sure that the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force got cut off entirely from any state or local funds, including salaries of the officers on that force. If they want to do the bidding of the feds in conflict with state law, then let the feds pay them. Not another dollar from New Mexico.
Interestingly, the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force’s logo reads:

YOU USE Pecos Valley Drug Task Force YOU LOSE!

Sounds about right to me.
The citizens of New Mexico need to stop losing.

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