Until that day that it is not

Ian Welsh over at The Agonist has an interesting post about Afghanistan and opium and notes the Senlis option

It’s simple. It’d work. But of course since drugs are EVIL, such a common sense solution will never be adopted. It’s interesting to ask why – are Americans, and indeed Europeans, really so inflexible, so indoctrinated with hatred of “drugs”, that they can’t do what it takes to win? […]
the Afghan opium problem is just another example of how we insist, in the face of failure, on doing the same thing that already failed, over and over again.

Chicago Dyke at Corrente follows up on it and gives this fascinating thought:

Legalization, in some form or another, is going to happen. It‰s simply a matter of time. No matter how entrenched the Drug War MIC establishment, eventually it‰s going to be so ugly, corrupt and not effectual that taxpayers around the world will say, “enough.” […]
I just had a conversation with a friend, and I reminded him: it‰s always a good time to advocate sensible drug policy/legalization. Always. That is, as far as that political battle goes, our side is always going to lose. Pushing for drug legalization is a guaranteed no-go, as far as causes are concerned. Until that day that it is not.

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