Some reading

“bullet” Give peace a chance. Forget the war on drugs by Anatole Kaletsky in the Times Online (UK)

a ceasefire in the war against drugs would at least give peace a chance Ö not only in Afghanistan, but also in the streets of Britain.

“bullet” War on Drugs Long-Lost Cause by Michael Jones in the Albuquergue Journal (NM)

The tipping point will be reached when people are tired of the abuses of civil rights by the criminal justice system and by the continued endangerment of the nation’s youth by the maintenance of a black market system of drug distribution.

“bullet” The drugs strategies don’t work in The Statesman (Ghana)

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 must be one of the least effective pieces of legislation ever enacted. […]
Cannabis is an example of the nonsenses created by the 1971 act”s simplistic classification system. Stronger types of cannabis are now on sale, we are told, and research shows a link with schizophrenia.
This is like saying Chablis should be banned because cognac is much stronger and because some people become alcoholics, with dire effects on themselves, their families and society.

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