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October 2006



SSDP Conference Speakers Announced


SSDP is excited to announce that speakers for this year’s SSDP conference include Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune), Terry Michael (former DNC Press Secretary), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (invited), Radley Balko (Reason Magazine), Pete Guither (Drug War Rant), Ethan Nadelmann, (Drug Policy Alliance), Rob Kampia (Marijuana Policy Project), Steph Sherer (Americans for Safe Access), and more! […]

They say it’s my birthday…

Yes, I turn [insert large number here] today. The best present I could get would be for all of you to vote in two weeks and get rid of some of the bums in Congress, or at least get them out of their committee chair positions. And to help get the initiatives passed in Nevada, […]

Wouldn’t it be funny if those who DIDN’T smoke marijuana had the memory loss?

Of course, it’s still too early to know for sure how marijuana may be used to combat Alzheimer’s, but the indications are that it shows much more promise than the current corporate drugs. Fred Gardner has a nice piece on this topic at CounterPunch, with a recap of the scientific reports on this from Paul […]

A sign of desperation — banning images

In Dumaguete City in the Philippines, it will soon be illegal to display a picture of a marijuana leaf. This is, of course, in order to “protect the morality of society.” The notion is laughable, because all this will do is create an increased interest in finding ways around the law. I’m betting that by […]

On libertarianism

thehim’s Drug War Roundup is a must-read this week. He discusses the controversial Kos case for the libertarian Democrat in a way that defines what to me has been the major conflict within the blogosphere’s definition of libertarianism. I agree wholeheartedly with thehim’s statement:

I believe that there’s one absolute in libertarianism, that human […]

Looking back to a more… peaceful… war

I went back to my undergraduate college this weekend for my 30th college reunion. It got me thinking about my days as a college student in the 70s and comparing it to the present, particularly in terms of the drug war. This comparison only specifically concerns a small sub-set of society — college life. I […]

Scott Burns smacked down in South Dakota

There was a time when the Drug Czar and his minions could show up somewhere, spout their lies and misdirection, and the media would dutifully repeat it as established gospel. But it’s getting harder for them. Check out this editorial by the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. ONDCP’s Scott Burns had been in […]

Oh, Andrea

One of my favorite drug war liars, Andrea Barthwell, has shown up in Colorado to lobby against Amendment 44. She mostly gave some really lame arguments that were easily countered by Mason Tvert. And then Tvert hit back, noting that Andrea has a potential financial interest in keeping marijuana illegal because of her job lobbying […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Via Phillip Smith, Peter Cohen’s A comment on ‘Sweden’s successful drug policy: a review of the evidence’ UNODC September 2006. This is an insightful look at how the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime cherry-picks statistics, changes term definitions and dishonestly manipulates the facts in order to justify its drug war. “bullet” A […]

Senlis Council not going away

Earlier I passed on a BBC report that Afghanistan was closing down the Senlis Council offices in that country. (The Senlis Council is a think tank that has advocated non-drug-war solutions.) As the Drug War Chronicle reports today, that appears to be more wishful thinking on the part of some of the drug warriors. The […]