Wouldn’t it be funny if those who DIDN’T smoke marijuana had the memory loss?

Of course, it’s still too early to know for sure how marijuana may be used to combat Alzheimer’s, but the indications are that it shows much more promise than the current corporate drugs.
Fred Gardner has a nice piece on this topic at CounterPunch, with a recap of the scientific reports on this from Paul Armentano.
One of Gardner’s comments (a suggestion to study the effects of cannabis on Alzheimer’s rage in Oregon) reminded me of one of the most outrageous aspects of the federal government’s war on medical marijuana — their refusal to fund or allow research while claiming that there isn’t enough research to support marijuana’s medical claims. They now have 11 states that could be research laboratories for this very thing, yet they refuse to find out (because they already know the answer — marijuana works). Just like the fact that they refuse to study the patients that they have supplied marijuana to for decades.

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