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October 2006



When your drug war is a failure, silence those who actually have a solution

Everybody in the entire world is in agreement that the international effort to deal with opium in Afghanistan has been a colossal failure. Everybody is blaming everybody else and nobody has a clue what to do about it, with one exception: The Senlis Council (a European think-tank) has developed and promoted concrete and workable plans, […]

Drug WarRant needs a new laptop

Maybe I should say I want a new computer. My current laptop is still working, and I hope to get it to limp along until January at least, but it’s missing a couple of keys and is held together with tape. My 12″ Mac Powerbook has been phenomenal — it has been my workhorse for […]

HHS gets a letter

Via Americans for Safe Access, Senator James Jeffords (Vermont) sent a letter (pdf) to Michael Leavitt, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, asking why they hell it’s taking them so long to do their job in the legal process of evaluating a petition to reschedule marijuana (he worded it a little different […]

The ONDCP’s pet talks about needle exchange

Over at the Drug Czar’s “blog,” they have crafted an Ask the Expert “interview” with “Doctor” David Murray on needle exchange. This is their own pet doctor who they trot out whenever they want to sound like they have something medical to say. It’s as bizarre as most of what comes out of the Drug […]

Radley Balko

Congratulations to Radley Balko for his new gig as a senior editor at Reason. Sounds like a good fit to me. Radley, of course, is the author of Overkill, has done incredible research in the area of the militarization of the drug war, and is The Agitator who brought the Corey Maye case to national […]