On libertarianism

thehim’s Drug War Roundup is a must-read this week. He discusses the controversial Kos case for the libertarian Democrat in a way that defines what to me has been the major conflict within the blogosphere’s definition of libertarianism.
I agree wholeheartedly with thehim’s statement:

I believe that there’s one absolute in libertarianism, that human beings have a right to free will and that society progresses most when no entity has the ability to impose a particular morality on others. Each person should be free to dictate their own choices in life, and those entrusted with law and order can only get involved if those choices interfere with someone else’s freedom.

I also believe that this principle of individual libertarianism trumps all the various corporate and tax libertarianisms (often promoted by those identified with the conservative wing of libertarianism). And it is that core principle of libertarianism that demands an end to the drug war, regardless of whether it is wielded by democrats, republicans, or… Libertarians.

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