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September 2006



SSDP continuing to come on strong

Kris Krane, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, did a great job on Fox news debating the issue of home drug testing. SSDP’s 2006 International Conference is being held at the Georgetown Law Center in D.C. — should be a great weekend of activist training. I may be there as well.


The Drug War and Tarnished Badges

In Fayetteville, NC:

The widening investigation has revealed deputies stealing hundreds of- thousands of dollars from drug stops on Interstate 95, beating and robbing people in their homes, swindling money from county coffers and working with drug dealers to steal money and drugs from other dealers.

Some deputies are accused of kidnapping drug […]


Study Finds No [Causal] Link Between Marijuana Use And Depression

Yeah, we knew that already.

And yet, we must celebrate that another study has confirmed what we already know, because our opponents — the drug warriors — use every means at their disposal to mislead the public, and we need these moments to remind the […]

More on Plan Colombia

For a strangely convoluted, yet fascinating take on the drug war in Colombia, be sure to read Danna Harman’s three part series in the Christian Science Monitor that concludes today:

The War On Drugs: Ambushed In Jamundi Plan Colombia: Big gains, but cocaine still flows Rethinking Plan Colombia: some ways to fix it

At times, […]

Congress has too much money and is trying to get rid of it?

How else can you read this?

BOGOTA, Colombia — Despite growing bipartisan concern over alleged corruption in the Colombian army, the U.S. Congress appears likely to approve increased funds for this country’s war on drugs.

A final vote on Plan Colombia funding — the largest U.S. foreign aid program outside the Middle East […]

Legalization Endorsement

Via Great quote from the Reno News and Review:

The fact is, the prohibition against marijuana has to end in this country, and that’s why we endorse Question 7 (Regulation of Marijuana Initiative), which will make possession of up to one ounce of Mary Jane legal in Nevada for people over 21 years old. (OK, […]

Cory Maye off death row

This is old news to many of you by now, yet it is an essential and critical moment in American criminal drug war history that rivals the exposure of the Tulia, Texas drug sting scandal.

Blogger Radley Balko got things going. A lot of other wonderful people stepped up to the plate, and […]

I’m back… Open Thread

Well, I had an incredible adventure exploring Prague and the Czech Republic, the mountains of Slovakia, Budapest, and Vienna. And I didn’t even have to go through body cavity searches at customs — the very nice customs lady looked at my passport and warmly said: “Welcome home, Peter!” A lot of people have asked me […]


Guest post by Daksya

The headline at CNN online shouts ‘Cali leaders forfeit $2.1 billion‘. In the article, US attorney general Alberto Gonzales noticeably omits any comment on the impact of this event on the overall US cocaine trade, instead offering a meek self-congratulation:

“The brothers’ guilty pleas effectively signals the final, fatal […]

On a street in Vienna, Austria

I took lots of pictures in Vienna today, but I thought I’d share this one with you.