NFL’s Buzzkill: No Beer at Giants Stadium

Fun OpEd by NORML’S Paul Armentano in today’s Washington Examiner

Following a string of violent incidents – including a pair of stabbings – between rowdy football fans during the team’s previous games, Giants Stadium officials made the bold move to halt sales of the intoxicant. The rationale for the ban? Jets spokesman Ron Colangelo could not have been more blunt: “It’s for the safety of our fans.”
Alcohol’s long-standing association with aggressive behavior, whether it’s among raucous sports fans or late-night bar patrons, is well-publicized and much debated. Yet, a relevant fact that is often overlooked in this public discourse is that an alternative, almost equally consumed intoxicant, is rarely, if ever, linked with violence – – marijuana. However, unlike alcohol, marijuana is illegal and not only at Giants Stadium.

The whole thing is worth reading — some great factual info about marijuana’s lack of connection to anti-social behavior.

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