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January 2006



Bush uses SOTU to address serious addiction problem

In tonight’s State Of The Union speech, President Bush said:

America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world.

Bush then went on to declare a War on Oil, and pledged U.S. resources to eradicate foreign oil fields and provide aid to governments who assist in seizing oil […]

Kubby asks judge to let him use cannabis in jail


AUBURN — Medical marijuana activist Steve Kubby asked a Placer County judge today to let him use cannabis while he serves a 120-day jail sentence for a drug conviction in 2000. The Placer sheriff’s department said it is opposed to the idea.

Come on, Judge. Shake things up a bit. Say “Yes.”

Workplace Drug Testing

His Cup Runneth Over With Annoyance

Matt Welch is now at the Los Angeles Times:

THE NEWSPAPER you are reading has been lovingly compiled by hundreds of humans who urinated into plastic measuring cups for the privilege of bringing it to you. I gather this is not widely known among readers, judging by the reaction from those I’ve told. “Why would […]

Practicing medicine without a license

If you missed the 60 Minutes piece on Richard Paey — in prison for being in pain — you can view part of it here. John Tierney follows up with a story about the prosecutor who put him away. A disturbing portrait of a man who appears to think that he’s just doing his job […]

An editorial for our Latin America policy

This editorial in the Lima (Ohio) News nails it:

Morales’ popularity in Bolivia does have a great deal to do with U.S. drug-control policies, which have disrupted traditional agricultural patterns and customs in South America without reducing the flow of cocaine. The war on drugs undermines civil society in Latin America, promotes violence and corruption, […]