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December 2005



Justice, Texas Style

Interesting interview at Alternet with reporter Nate Blakeslee, who has a new book: “Tulia: Race, Cocaine, and Corruption in a Small Texas Town.”

What does the story of Tulia reveal about the larger landscape of the national war on drugs?

I think it shows the decline in standards of law enforcement that has come along […]

Former Drug Czar Signs with CNN

According to TV Newser, William Bennett will join CNN as a “political analyst” (replacing Robert Novak as a high-profile conservative). Bennett was the Drug Czar under George Bush the First, and is smooth talker and fact shaver known for taking a high moral position against drugs and just about anything else, as long as it […]

Fundraising for Drug War Dollars

Colombian President Uribe isn’t satisfied with the drug war money he’s gotten from the U.S. — now he’s putting out a fundraising pitch to the rest of the world:

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has told the BBC the world must play a bigger role in helping his country combat illegal drugs and rebel groups.

“There […]

What he said

Radley Balko: “Best. Botched. Drug Raid. Ever”

Colorado Marijuana Initiative

I had heard that SAFER was putting forward a marijuana legalization measure on the state ballot for Colorado, and I had even read this ignorant and blantantly contradictory editorial in the Denver Post… But then Scott sent me the link to this fabulous article by Alan Gathright, Rocky Mountain News. The kicker is provided by […]

S.W.A.T. – Then and Now

The Agitator reminds me that a new reality show is coming January 5 on A&E: Dallas SWAT. Radley has been doing a great job pointing out how the SWAT mentality has been taking over this country, with even small towns having SWAT teams that end up killing innocents and/or using SWAT tactics for drug raids […]

What we’ve always known about the Drug Czar…

He has no regard for the facts or the truth. Additionally, he is known for spinning the data to completely support administration policies. I’ve already talked about the recent GAO report that took the Drug Czar and administrative policies to task for their lack of evidence that the drug war in Colombia is actually accomplishing […]

Fun things to do when flying…

Here’s a great thing to do for stress relief: Take several condoms and fill them with flour. Squeezing them is as good as those expensive items you can buy (as well as being a fun phallic gag). Unfortunately, however, they actually increased the stress level for freshman Janet Lee at Bryn Mawr College.

In the […]

Back to the Drug War

I had a great week off with relatives, including a very good evening of talking about the drug war with my folks. It’s nice to know that they’re proud of the work I’m doing here, and outraged by the excesses of the drug war. Don’t assume that your parents and friends won’t support your views […]

Open Thread – Holiday Travels

I’ll be gone for about a week starting today, visiting relatives in places that don’t have convenient wireless access. So while I’ll be able to check email and keep up with the news, I won’t be able to use my blogging software much. Feel free to discuss anything in the comments. Be safe. Happy Holidays!