Anthony Diotaiuto’s family suing Sunrise for records

The family of Anthony Diotaiuto (see here, here, and here for background) is still looking for answers, and on Tuesday they filed a lawsuit.

The family of a 23-year-old man killed by the Sunrise Police Department’s SWAT team filed a lawsuit Tuesday saying the city broke public records laws by not turning over documents related to his death. […]
Attorney William Scherer III wrote in Tuesday’s lawsuit that the city of Sunrise illegally denied parts of the family’s first public records requests and ignored three subsequent requests. Attorneys for the family sought police department documents ranging from SWAT policies and training manuals to tactical notes and documents on the raid itself.[..]
There have been discrepancies in the police department’s account of the incident, including whether Diotaiuto pointed a gun at the SWAT team, and the amount of marijuana found at the home. A neighbor also disputed whether SWAT members knocked before raiding the home, as police say.

Thanks to Say Uncle for the tip.
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