Some Bad Advice for Republicans

I’ve never quite figured out Dick Morris. He comes off to me as a sleazy political opportunist, yet there are people in Washington who listen to him.
In his OpEd America is shifting leftward published in The Hill, he gives advice to Republicans to recapture the political momentum, including this gem:

As the victory of Evo Morales in Bolivia makes clear, cocaine is concomitant of oil in fueling terrorism in the Western Hemisphere. The narcoterrorists use our dependence on black oil and white cocaine to power their anti-American work and terrorist activities. Soon their terror will spread to our shores. Already the cocaine infects our young.
Bush should urge drug testing, with parental consent, in schools in his State of the Union address and put drugs back in play as a domestic issue. Crime is down, but drug use is still a vital Republican issue. Put it back on the agenda.

What a load of disconnected crap! No facts. No attempt to actually link policy to results. All that matters is whether it can be turned into a talking point, and perhaps used to generate fear. But then, that’s how Washington works.
Via California Patriot Blog, who writes:

We need to take a cue from notable Republicans like Milton Friedman, George Shultz, and Gary Johnson, and make ending the War on Drugs part of the Republican agenda. Doing so would not only be Constitutionally correct, but morally correct as well.
If the GOP goes with Dick’s plan then I’m just going to give up and vote Libertarian.

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